A suprapubic Catheter operates just like any other catheter only it is inserted into the bladder through the abdominal wall instead of through the urethra. Now this type of Catheter may be a bit more evasive when it comes to inserting and preparation; however the SupraPubic catheter allows the patient to experience a normal lifestyle with very minimal disruptions.

Pre-Procedure – (What to Expect)

Prior to the procedure you will normally be admitted into hospital, doctor’s office, or same day surgery clinic, depending upon your location and the performing physician. You will be asked not to eat or drink anything for 6 – 8 hours prior to the procedure as this is standard for all types of evasive procedures.

Actual Procedure & Insertion

Depending upon your physician you will either be given a general anesthetic (completely put to sleep) or give a local spinal anesthetic (can’t feel anything from the waist down). Once the anesthetic has had time to completely work and you are numb or asleep the doctor will clean the area above the pubic region and prepare the catheter and all utensils used during the procedure.

First the bladder will be filled with liquid to ensure proper drainage is occurring. Next an incision is made in the abdominal wall just above the pubic hairline. The catheter is then inserted via this incision. After the catheter is inserted the physician will use a small telescopic lens inserted through your urethra to ensure the catheter is positioned in the correct location.

Once the doctor is certain the catheter is in the proper location the catheter balloon is filled with saline to ensure it stays into position. The catheter is stitched into place on the outside and your procedure is complete.

Post-Procedure – (What Happens Next)

Depending upon your procedure you may end up staying in the hospital for a day or so, however many times this is just a same day surgery and you are out the same day. The stitches can be removed within a week after the procedure and the incision has healed completely.

The SupraPubic catheter is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that the procedure is very minimal and it allows the patient to retain an almost non-interrupted lifestyle afterward. Click here for more information on suprapubic care